Car Wash Monitoring: Product Manager Scott Hamilton Discusses Trends in Car Wash Monitoring

Feb 9, 2018 at 1:37 PM

DSC_0707_scott edit[1]-136547-edited.jpgAs we mentioned in our blog post about monitoring your car wash, monitoring your wash is a key element in keeping your wash quality high. We sat down with expert Product Manager Scott Hamilton to discuss why it's important to monitor your wash, as well as how to do it:

1. Why is it important to monitor your car wash?

Scott: There are a multitude of reasons to monitor your car wash, but I believe one of the best reasons is for quality assurance purposes. Building customer loyalty and creating positive word of mouth drives additional growth for your business. A great way to help ensure those objectives are met is to make sure the vehicles coming out of your car wash are clean, dry, shiny, and protected. Consistently monitoring your car wash is a critical part in achieving those objectives. There are also additional benefits to monitoring your wash such as understanding your chemical use, knowing what your costs are (per chemical and per package), and identifying other statistical trends that can help your business maximize its performance.

2. What does "car wash analytics" mean?

Scott: Car wash analytics is about collecting different performance metrics to help assist an owner/operator or manager to make smart and timely decisions about their car wash operation. 

3. What analytics should I be tracking?

Scott: Tracking metrics will depend on your specific objectives however, I like to focus on metrics that help a car wash owner achieve a quality wash that delivers clean, dry, shiny and protected vehicles to their customers. When a car wash operator knows what they want out of their wash in terms of quality, they can monitor elements of their wash with real time analytics and make adjustments quickly when necessary. This gives them additional confidence in their business decisions. 

Some key performance metrics include:

  • Understanding how much of each chemical is being used per package or per application
  • Understanding the cost per package and the cost per application of a chemical
  • Performance of your packages (i.e. package mix)
  • Product usage per car
  • Car count, package count, and chemical use trends over a period of time
  • The impact of the weather on your operation
  • Monitoring water equipment performance

[Learn more about car wash monitoring in Delivering Quality: How to Run Your Wash to Maximize Success]

4. What is the best way to monitor my car wash?

Scott: There is a lot of value in having a vehicle care specialist visit your wash to provide an in-depth overview of what is going on at your location and make recommendations on ways to optimize the performance of your car wash. An app (or web-based) analytics program is also a valuable tool in providing real-time monitoring of your car wash, giving you confidence that you know what is going on at your business no matter where you are at the time.


Scott: We offer our Assure® Analytics remote monitoring system as part of our overall Assure® program which also includes hyper-concentrated chemistry and precision dispensing. I would recommend contacting your local Zep Vehicle Care specialist, local distributor, or calling us at 1-877-326-9274 to find out more information about Assure® Analytics and the Assure® program. 

For more information on quality assurance and your car wash, check out our e-book Delivering Quality: How to Run Your Wash at Peak Performance:

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