Maximize Your Business Potential While Protecting the Environment

Jun 27, 2016 at 10:00 AM

When looking for ways to enhance your environmental footprint, don’t forget about your carwash. Significant strides can be taken to maximize your business potential while protecting the environment by considering the total impact of your chemistry and water usage within your carwash.  

Carwash products don’t have to be harmful to the environment to effectively clean vehicles. Today’s advanced chemistries are designed to deliver a clean, well-protected, and shiny vehicle while minimizing the impact on our environment.

Environmentally responsible carwash products do not use ingredients that are toxic in the environment. These formulations use raw materials from renewable sources and are designed to eliminate the release of specific compounds into the air and water, meeting the strictest regulatory standards across North America. In addition, these chemistries do not contain APE and NPE surfactants, and are phosphate free.

Today’s concentrated chemistries can provide additional sustainability benefits. Newer concentrated chemistries come in smaller, recyclable packing that can reduce your transportation carbon footprint while maximizing the numbers of cars washed per container. This smaller packaging also eliminates large, heavy drums and their removal. If you are not using concentrated chemistries, be sure to utilize a drum recycling program.

Proper chemistry usage and application methods will further minimize waste. Precision dispensing systems allow you to dial in your chemistry usage with consistent and controlled chemical dosage to ensure you are not wasting water or chemistry with each application.

Lastly, superior performing chemistries means using less water to wash a vehicle since newer technology in cleaning agents and polymers provide better soil penetrating and loosening capabilities. Not only is this good for the environment but it also provides better satisfaction for your customers.

Among the most critical natural resource issue today is the availability of and access to fresh water. For a convenience store with a carwash, that means water is becoming more expensive and more regulation is being implemented to conserve this important natural resource.

Reducing and recycling water use within your carwash is essential to decrease escalating water and sewer costs and meet increasing legislation. With technology in todays advanced reclaim systems, your carwash can be both environmentally friendly and save your business thousands of dollars each year.

Water reclamation systems treat water previously used in the wash cycle to reuse again. At a minimum, a reclaim system separates grit, oils and greases from water before being reused in the carwash. However, better reclaim systems can also provide additional treatment processes such as fine particle filtration, oxidation and deodorization. In addition, these systems reduce the components within effluents that are often regulated by local municipalities. Using environmentally responsible reclaim compatible chemistry with your reclaim system will provide better cleaning results and sustainability.

With water and sewer rates raising 5 to 20 percent per year in many cities, a reclaim system is critical to reducing your water and sewer costs. In fact, a reclaim system can reduce water and sewer costs by as much as 85 percent, and it is not uncommon to see a reduction in impact fees of 50 to 90 percent. 

The highly visible use of water in commercial car washes has raised consumer scrutiny in recent years. However, a carwash that markets their conservation and reclamation efforts and emphasizes the benefits to the environment can gain positive community appeal and publicity. Onsite signage throughout your carwash and store can help drive awareness of your sustainability efforts as a competitive difference and educate your customers about the benefits that a professional car wash can have on the environment.