How to Monitor the Quality of Your Wash

Dec 15, 2017 at 1:56 PM

AdobeStock_146066486.jpegAs our previous posts about chemistry quality, water quality, and dispensing quality have mentioned, there are a lot of things that can decrease the quality of your wash – and it's not always obvious when things go wrong. Consistent monitoring is required to make sure that your customers are always getting what they paid for. Train all of your employees on what to look for so that issues are identified promptly and employees feel they have an impact. Expect the same from your service providers. Keep records of routine maintenance and schedule maintenance reminders based on the manufacturer's recommendations.

Monitoring your wash quality and performance is about keeping your brand consistent and synonymous with quality.

Customers who are less familiar with your car wash are less likely to become repeat customers if they are unsatisfied with the quality of their wash, so it is important to know as soon as possible when any quality assurance issues appear. This way, you can ensure that you are generating as many loyal customers as you can.

Let's look at how to properly monitor your wash quality.

1. Measuring Your Chemical Usage

A general way to measure usage is to track your usage over a period of time, and then calculate the average usage of that chemical per car washed with that chemical during the designated time period. Your chemical provider should know the correct amount of chemical per car needed to achieve the desired result. If you find that your monthly average is too high or too low, check your dispensing quality.

One thing to note about monitoring your chemical this way is that by the time you make your average usage calculations, you may have washed a lot of cars at a non-ideal quality level. Since this can ultimately damage your brand reputation, it is best to avoid this as much as possible. The easiest way to monitor usage is by using the remote monitoring app that sends an alert to your mobile phone the moment your usage levels are off. This way, you can address the problem immediately – before you are dealing with unhappy customers.

[Want to see a remote monitoring app in action? Click here to learn more!]

2. Tracking Your Inventory

You should also monitor your inventory. It's important for your customers to know that your wash will always have quality offerings available, which means you never want to run low on supplies. Inventory can be tracked manually, or it can be remotely monitored with an app and programmed to send you alerts when your supply is low.

3. Customer Satisfaction

The final piece of effective car wash monitoring is keeping track of customer satisfaction levels. There are a lot of ways to do this, including email surveys in exchange for coupons or free wash upgrades, attaching survey links to the bottom of receipts, or engaging with your community on social media. The higher the overall quality of your wash experience, the higher your overall customer satisfaction will be – which will keep your customers coming back time after time.

For more information on monitoring the quality of your wash, be sure to download Delivering Quality: How to Run Your Wash to Maximize Success:

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