Car Wash Tips: Elevating The Car Wash Experience

Jul 21, 2017 at 3:34 PM

Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 3.32.09 PM.pngFrom lights and application equipment to foaming chemistries and polishing tunnels, the experience at your car wash has never been more important. Elevating the customer experience will not only help to differentiate your car wash from the next wash down the street but it also drives customer satisfaction and can influence their purchasing decisions. When done right, your positive wash experience can create opportunities and reasons for your customers to share their experience about your car wash within their network, whether it be in person or within their online network.

Check out the car wash tips below to enhance the experience of your car wash.

LED Lighting

Colored LED lighting that is highly visible from the street is a growing trend that helps attract customers, delight them and keep them coming back. Using LED lighting to not only entertain your customers but also confirm their wash package selection is key to enhancing your wash experience.

Associating a specific light color to a specific product application makes the application of your chemistry pop and also assures customers they got what they paid for in a very memorable way. For example, if you have Rain-X® in your car wash, use an amber LED light placed on the application arch to highlight the color of the chemistry. Your customers will love watching the product as it comes out of the arch! Some products allow for more flexibility. The purple Armor All Professional® Extreme Shine Wax™ looks awesome with purple, red, or blue lighting. Any one of these colors will enhance your customers experience and validate their purchase.

Product applications arches aren’t the only place to use colored LED lighting in your wash. Use a blue LED light on your rinse arch to make your customers feel like their car is getting a thorough rinse. Use a red LED light on your blowers to give your customers a lasting impression as they leave the wash and help communicate that perfectly dry finish.


Lighting isn’t the only way to add color to your wash. Many chemical products now feature vibrant colors and luxurious foam that gives your customers a memorable experience. These colored chemistries can be used to customize your wash experience and celebrate special occasions. For example, use red and blue foaming conditioners to celebrate any patriotic holidays – the Fourth of July, Memorial Day, and Labor Day. You can also celebrate local events, like high school graduations, sports team victories, and more by using those specific colors in your wash applications. Just don’t forget to spread to the word through your marketing!

Scent Marketing

Once you have established your visuals, it is time to introduce a second sensory experience to your wash. Since smell is connected to both emotion and memory, it is a great second element to enhance your customer experience. 

Scent shots are bursts of fragrance that attach to the first arch, hitting the driver’s side windshield for approximately 3-5 seconds. You can also add scented soaps to your chemistry to create a wash that customers will remember. Fun fragrances like Blue Coral® Paradise Foam Soap in Coconut Lime is a great example of a soap that can give your customers that fun feeling of a tropical getaway while in your wash. When choosing scents, try to stick to a common theme – too many different scents will be overwhelming instead of satisfying for your customers.

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