How Can I Increase My Car Wash Revenue?

May 30, 2017 at 4:27 PM

Whether you are just joining the industry or you have been operating your wash for years, there is one thing that every car wash operator agrees on – the more revenue, the better. Who wouldn’t love to earn some more money?   When it comes to your wash, there are multiple different ways you can increase your revenue. Knowing your current state, then establishing a goal and a plan to get there are easier than you may think! Read on for some ideas to increase your revenue! There are three main ways to increase your wash revenue: Increase the average amount a customer spends per visit. Increasing spend per visit (measured by average revenue per car) can be done many ways. Using your auto teller or service advisor to educate on new or better offerings, and ‘buy up’ promotions can help customers learn about and experience higher value wash offerings. Did you know that menu design, package layout, and price point management also impact how much money a customer spends at your wash? By using proven marketing and design techniques on your menu, you can encourage your customers to select your higher value wash offerings, and increase your overall average ticket per car. 

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