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What are Digital Menus?: Expert Merchandiser Aaron Hipple Discusses Car Wash Menu Trends

Posted on 09/07/2017

Technology is changing, and car wash merchandising is no exception to the rule. We sat down with Zep Vehicle Care's expert designer and merchandiser Aaron Hipple to get his take on one of the industry's newest trend—digital menus.  


Aaron: A digital menu is a large outdoor monitor used to display a video version of your menu, as well as any other messages you want to promote at your car wash. The monitor has a weather proof encasement that bolts to the ground and a special display that can be seen in any outdoor condition, including direct sunlight. The unit, which is typically professionally powered and installed, is not a plug and play or mobile unit. Just like digital billboards that you see throughout the nation, I believe digital menus are the future of onsite merchandising for the car wash industry.


Aaron: Once the unit is installed it functions much like a traditional TV, but is much brighter and comes with software that can schedule your messages. Most models are equipped with a 6GB hard drive that is large enough to hold several videos. Loading your videos can be done by either plugging a USB thumb drive into the back of the monitor unit or loading the video to a special server. Once your video is loaded a remote allows you to organize, view and set your videos to play. Using the built-in calendar software you can pre-set specific videos to play at certain times/days for an entire year ahead.