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Six Tips to Navigate Customers to Your Top Car Wash Package

Posted on 06/26/2017

Enticing more people to buy your top package is an easy way to increase your car wash revenue. Plus, your customers are getting the most value and the best experience from your top package since your best products are in this package. Your car wash menu is a critical tool for navigating customers to your top wash. Here are six things you can do on your car wash menu to garner more interest in your top wash package: 


Always put the package you want to have the highest sales where it will be seen first by the customer. People read either from left to right or from top to bottom, so ordering your wash packages from the best to the most basic in the order that people read will gain better results.


Another way to make sure that your customers see your top package first is to make it the most visible thing on your menu. Make your top package significantly bigger, or use bright colors to distinguish it from your other package offerings. Conversely, de-emphasize your bottom or ‘basic’ package to clearly differentiate your top wash from your basic wash. A best practice is to blend your ‘basic’ or lowest-priced wash into the background of your menu. This can be done by removing the outline box around the package, or simply listing the package name and price without including any other details.


Car Wash Menu Dos and Don'ts with Expert Graphic Designer Erica Brown

Posted on 06/15/2017

Whether you know it or not, your menu is one of the hardest-working employees you have. Your menu is responsible for engaging every customer, showcasing your brand, and explaining the value of your product offerings to your customers. Since your menu is working so hard, you want to make sure that you have the best menu possible. We sat down with Zep Vehicle Care's expert graphic designer Erica Brown to pick her brain on effective car wash menu design.

How many menus do you design a month?

Erica: On average, I design between 50 and 75 menus a month. Our entire customer marketing team designs between 400-500 menus and other merchandising items a month.

What things should I always include in my car wash menu?

Erica: If your wash has a loyalty program, such as a monthly unlimited club, advertise it on your menu! Show the value of your program compared to purchasing single washes. If a single wash is $10, but you can get unlimited washes for $25 a month, it makes sense for anyone who feels they will wash their car more than twice a month to consider going with that option. If your wash is using recognized consumer brands for your products, make sure customers know it. Just like the majority of people will choose Kraft® mac and cheese over generic mac and cheese, your customers will see the value of going with a brand they trust when it comes to the care of their vehicle.

What things should I avoid on my car wash menu?

Erica: Simple is better. Avoid excess information that may not be relevant to your customers. For example, even if your wash uses a high pH and a low pH presoak (and it is an important detail to you since you are in the industry), that doesn't mean your customers will know or care about the difference. If you do want to list each product used in detail, try a "plus" style menu to minimize the amount of information on your sign. List the items in a basic wash, then in the next package, leave those items out and replace with "includes the basic wash". This style of menu helps to easily show what value you are getting with each package upgrade.